ADHD Testing, Assessment and Diagnosis Services

To access our adult ADHD Testing, Assessment and Diagnosis services, if you have an electronic copy (or image) of a valid GP referral letter, please send it to us via or ask your GP to send us your referral directly.

Why choose Akkadian Health for adult ADHD Assessments?

Cost Competitive

A fixed out-of-pocket fee applies for your two-session ADHD Assessment and diagnostic report. As a private clinic, we try to keep our fees (and out-of-pocket expenses) as low as possible. They are currently amongst the lowest fees in Australia for this type of service.

Please refer to our FAQ for the latest FEE SCHEDULE under "What are your fees?"


Our ADHD Assessments are conducted by highly experienced, RANZCP-registered psychiatrists in Australia using the latest AADPA evidence-based guidelines over two extensive consultation sessions.

Your referring GP (and you) will receive a comprehensive assessment report and treatment plan.

Convenient, fast & efficient

We understand the unmet need for adult ADHD assessments, diagnoses and treatment across Australia and are committed to meet the growing demand.

Our ADHD Assessments are delivered through accessible telehealth (video conference) services by our dedicated team of over 20 clinicians with minimal wait times.

End-to-end support

In addition to 'ADHD Assessments' (for assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning), Akkadian Health also offers treatment via ADHD coaches (registered psychologists and/or mental health clinicians) for ongoing support.

Need a Referral for an ADHD Assessment?

Please submit this form to receive a personalised ADHD referral guide to take to your GP.

Things You Need to Know Before Proceeding

Valid Referrals

Referrals must be addressed to 'Akkadian Health'. They must contain sufficient information about your medical history and presenting complaint (including a request for an ADHD assessment).

Please note: We will need your Medicare Number. If you are not registered for Medicare in Australia, you will be required to pay additional out-of-pocket fees on top of the current package fee.

Medication for ADHD

Our Psychiatrists do not prescribe medication for ADHD. If you are subsequently diagnosed with ADHD, your comprehensive treatment plan guides your referring GP to prescribe and manage any recommended medication. It is your responsibility to ensure that your GP will enact your treatment plan (which includes initiating the recommended medication) and provide the necessary follow-up care. Our clinicians can work closely with your GP to ensure this happens. Refer to our FAQ : "What if I need medication?" for more information before proceeding.

Clients residing in South Australia and diagnosed by Akkadian Health are eligible to receive ADHD medication treatment through our Care Centre - staffed by highly trained and experienced GPs and Nurse Practitioners (with priority access to our treating Psychiatrists). Treatment through our Care Centre is not part of your assessment package and hence additional fees apply. Please contact our reception staff via to book your first appointment at our Care Centre.

We currently do not accept referrals from residents of WA or NSW

Every state in Australia has different health department regulations regarding the prescription of Schedule 8 medication used to treat ADHD. WA and NSW currently do not allow referring GPs to initiate medication. If you are from WA or NSW and you choose to proceed with an ADHD Assessment from Akkadian Health, please contact us first and be aware that you will need to find a local state-based psychiatrist to initiate your medication treatment.

Your ADHD Assessment is conducted over two separate telehealth (video conference) appointments

  • A 45-minute video call intake and prescreening session conducted by one of Akkadian’s qualified mental health nurses. During your first appointment our mental health nurse will establish your medical history and perform an ADHD pre-assessment. At the end of your appointment the mental health nurse will provide you with a link allowing you to prepay and book your second appointment with one of our ADHD psychiatrists. Note: Our ADHD intake and screen is considered identical to ADHD reports provided by psychologists. There is no need to obtain an ADHD diagnosis and report from a psychologist prior to your appointment with us.

  • A 45-minute video call assessment with a senior psychiatrist specialising in ADHD. The senior psychiatrist will provide a comprehensive report, management and treatment plan that is sent back to your GP.

Please review our new FAQ for more detailed information.