Access medical specialists – anywhere, anytime

Akkadian Health connects patients to high quality and affordable psychiatrists and other mental health professionals via secure telehealth video consultations anywhere across Australia.


Wait Times:

ServiceWait Time*
Referral Processing1 week
Psychiatry - ADHD Assessment3-4 months
Psychiatry - General8-12 weeks
Psychology3-4 weeks
* LAST UPDATED: 10 January 2024 - We are constantly working to reduce our wait-times by adding new clinicians to meet the significant demand for adult ADHD Assessments.

Adult ADHD Assessments: Now accepting new referrals - contact with a valid referral or ask your GP to send us your referral directly.

ADHD Coaching: Services now available. Contact us if you are interested in practical support after a diagnosis of ADHD.

Our Care Centre: Our 'first' Care Centre in the Adelaide CBD is staffed by highly trained and experienced GPs and Nurse Practitioners (with priority access to our treating Psychiatrists). The clinic guides Akkadian Health patients through treatment plans - including medication prescriptions.

Contacting Us: We receive hundreds of phone calls and emails every day and aim to respond to each and every one within 2 business days. Please be understanding and courteous. We prioritise requests and enquiries from existing patients. Always check our FAQ before making a general enquiry.

We want to help

Akkadian Health was founded by a group of like-minded psychiatrists, technologists and business executives who believe that high quality and affordable healthcare should be equally available to everyone – anywhere and anytime.

What we do

Access high quality & affordable mental health professionals

In regional and rural Australia there are up to five times fewer psychiatrists than in major cities.

Even in metropolitan areas, access to psychiatrists can be challenging.

Akkadian Health connects you with high quality and affordable psychiatrists via a secure video consultation platform. We now have psychologists and mental health clinicians who work closely with your treating psychiatrist to achieve the best possible mental health outcomes.

Reduce travel & improve access

Almost one-third of patients in remote and rural Australia travel up to five hours to receive medical services.

Commuting and spending time in waiting rooms impacts every one while juggling health concerns, work, family and other commitments.

Akkadian Health lets you access mental health professionals via secure video consultation from the comfort of your own home without the inconvenience of travel and waiting rooms. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Promote active patient engagement

Informed patients are more likely to engage in their therapy process – resulting in higher levels of self-management of illness, less substance abuse and improved recovery.

Akkadian Health leverages its own proprietary digital technologies to actively engage you with your ongoing treatment by providing personalised health information and offering streamlined efficient services.

What makes us different?

Collaborative care

Akkadian Health's innovative and collaborative care model allows psychiatrists, mental health clinicians, GPs and patients to jointly discuss and action treatment plans. Our clinical team of health professionals work together.


Akkadian Health was co-founded by Associate Professor Jörg Strobel, a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist who has provided high-quality telepsychiatry services to rural South Australia for over 12 years. Our executive team combines decades of business, technology and clinical experience.

Latest technologies

Akkadian Health uses proprietary and secure digital health technologies to actively engage patients with their treatment, deliver tailored health information and provide streamlined efficient services. We take an innovative, digital-first approach.

Meet our team

Executive Team

Associate Professor Jörg Strobel

Medical Director

Jörg has been serving patients in regional and rural South Australia for more than 10 years using telehealth. Based on his extensive telepsychiatry experience, coupled with his 30 years of clinical experience, Dr Strobel leads Akkadian Health’s mental health services.

Dr Stefan Enderling

M. Eng, PhD, GAICD.
Managing Director

Stefan co-founded Akkadian Health to bring much needed high-quality healthcare to rural and regional Australia. He has over 10 years of experience in developing and leading private and publicly listed life science and technology companies.

John Fouyaxis

BSc, BEngBiomed (Hons), BPsych (Hons)
Head of Technology

John has developed leading-edge digital technologies for over 20 years. Combining this experience with his thirst for knowledge and passion for mental health, John drives the digital health technology offerings of Akkadian Health.

Clinical Team

Dr Angela Okungu

Consultant Psychiatrist

Angela has extensive experience working in the public health system within South Australia. As a general psychiatrist she has a particular interest in mood disorders (depression), anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Dr Okungu strongly believes a collaborative approach amongst health professionals is crucial in helping patients along their journey to recovery.

Dr Titus Mohan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Titus is a senior psychiatrist with 20 years of experience. His interests include management of acute psychiatric conditions, assessing biopsychosocial aspects of chronic mental health issues and collaborating closely with GPs. Dr Mohan offers diagnostic assessments and pragmatic management plans along with short follow-ups to ensure psychiatric management is consolidated to each unique set of circumstances.

Dr Edward Ko Ko Aung

Consultant Psychiatrist

Edward (KoKo) graduated from the University of Rangoon, Myanmar, in 1991 - moving to Australia in 1996 to complete his psychiatrist training at the University of Adelaide. He has worked at Glenside, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and in private rooms at Health on Kensington. He is an active member of the American Neuropsychiatric Association with special interests in Neuropsychiatry, adult ADHD and related disorders.

Dr Jonathan Fry

MBBS, MRCPsych, FRANZCP, Dip CBPsychotherapy, FPOA
Consultant Psychiatrist

Jonathan graduated from the University of NSW in 1988. He trained in psychiatry in the UK, specialising in the Psychiatry of Old Age. He has worked in both public and private practice. He is engaged in a research project investigating Hoarding Disorder in older persons. Jonathan sees people aged 50 and over with mental health problems or dementia for assessments (MBS: 291).

Dr Tuan Anh (Bryan) Bui

Consultant Psychiatrist

Bryan completed his medical training in 2014 with Monash University (Vic) where he received the prestigious International Scholarship for Excellence. He practised psychiatry in public hospital positions throughout Queensland before transitioning to private practice in early 2021. Bryan is passionate about evidence-based clinical practice, and has a special interest in adult ADHD and anxiety disorders. He has published in internationally recognised peer-reviewed psychiatry journals and presented at medical conferences. Bryan is also an Associate Lecturer with Griffith University under the Faculty of Medicine and an associate trainee editor of the Australasian Psychiatry scientific journal. He is fluent in both English and Vietnamese.

Dr Michael Zou

MBBS(hons), M. Psych, FRANZCP
Consultant Psychiatrist

Michael graduated from Monash University Medical School in 2014 and completed his psychiatry training in Victoria. He has undertaken work in a number of subspecialty rotations including Psychiatry of Old Age, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapies. He continues to work as a consultant psychiatrist in a large public psychiatry hospital in Victoria focusing on general adult psychiatry. He is passionate about the destigmatisation of mental illness and delivering high quality care to his patients.

Dr Ricky Hang

Consultant Psychiatrist

Ricky completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Melbourne in 2013, and completed his psychiatry training with a major metropolitan health service in Victoria. His area of interest lies in adult mental health, with experience in a range of subspecialties including Access/Triage, Consultation Liaison, Forensic Psychiatry and psychotherapies. He continues to work in adult psychiatry in a large public hospital. Ricky is experienced in the assessment and management of schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and special interest in adult ADHD. He is committed to providing person-centred, holistic care to individuals, to bolster their strengths and achieve their goals.

Kylie Agnew

BPsych (Hons), BSc
Consultant Psychologist

Kylie is an AHPRA registered (and NDIS accredited) psychologist and APS member. She has experience providing evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, personality disorders, stress, grief, and interpersonal difficulties across a wide range of clients. Her therapeutic style is warm and practical, and her clients feel understood, accepted and equipped with psychological tools to use every day. She draws from treatment modalities including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Daliya Greenfeld

BHSc, GradDipProfPsych, GradDipCouns, MPsych/PhD (current)
Consultant Psychologist

Daliya is an AHPRA registered psychologist and member of the AAPi who believes in the importance of establishing and maintaining rapport with her clients. Daliya supports her clients with evidence-based therapeutic interventions per their needs and concerns. To do this, she uses various assessment tools that help formulate tailored treatment plans. Daliya is experienced in working with adult ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and depression and supporting adjustments to life changes and transitions. Daliya’s therapeutic approaches include Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Narrative Therapy.

Mikayla Ladhams

Consultant Mental Health Clinician & ADHD Coach

Mikayla is an AHPRA registered Occupational Therapist, certified ADHD Coach and trained Mental Health Clinician. Mikayla utilises person-centered and solution-focused approaches to empower individuals to live a fulfilling life. Through providing encouragement, guidance and practical solutions, Mikayla works with individuals who have an ADHD diagnosis to help them better understand their condition and overcome life challenges. Mikayla relishes every opportunity to apply skills and strategies that support an individual to achieve their unique goals - no matter how big or small.

Christine Latham

Consultant Mental Health Nurse

Christine is an AHPRA Registered Nurse. She has substantial experience within acute/rehabilitation mental health settings, across both public and private hospitals. Christine provides therapeutic support, assessment and education to her clients with much empathy and kindness - working with a special interest and knowledge in the areas of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Adult ADHD, Personality and mood disorders.

Roxanne Bryson

Consultant Mental Health Nurse

Roxanne is a trained mental health nurse with 14 years experience. She has extensive experience working alongside clients with a broad range of mental health diagnosis in both inpatient and community mental health care settings. Her practice is trauma informed and client centred. She has a special interest in adult ADHD. Roxanne is passionate about her role in supporting clients through their recovery journey.

Operations & Admin Team

Fiona Dennis

Medical and Legal Secretarial Diploma
Practice Manager

Fiona has worked in an administrative capacity within health and education supporting psychologists, medical specialists and other health and teaching professionals. She has performed general reception and administration roles as well as Research Assistant, Clinical Trials Assistant and Practice Manager positions and has developed a broad and specialised set of skills. Fiona has a strong interest in the correlation between the gut/brain axis and the impact of nutrition on mental health. She has undertaken nutrition studies built on a vitalistic philosophy, completing certificates on the Fundamentals of Nutrition and Advanced Fundamentals of Nutrition in 2019.

What our patients are saying

“When you live so far away from a major city you sometimes put your health second. With Akkadian Health I can at least put my mental health first. Telehealth is just so convenient when we don't have all the services we need out here.



“After having just gone through the process for an adult ADHD assessment, I couldn't recommend this place enough. They're making these services more accessible and affordable...”



I like the use of self upload GP referral for ADHD assessment and the reminders for appts. I waited 3 weeks for my first appt with the mental health nuse and 6 weeks for the second with the psychiatrist which is quite reasonable considering other wait times...”



Finally the medical industry is coming to the modern age. Akkadian Health are the first practice that fully utlise technology to deliver fast, convenient, and effective service to patients. I had a great experience with these guys...”



How it works

Akkadian Health has established an easy Book & Connect process to link psychiatrists and other mental health professionals with their patients.

Please review our new FAQ for more detailed information about 'how it works' and what to expect.


Step 1: Book

GPs send referrals to Akkadian Health via email, fax (08 5117 3206) or secure messaging ('akkadian') for screening and approval.

Akkadian Health processes referrals within 1-2 weeks and contacts patients with instructions to book their telehealth appointment online.

For adult ADHD Assessments, if you have a copy of your GP referral letter, follow our streamlined ADHD Assessment service where you can upload your referral, pay for your consult and book your first appointment immediately online.


Step 2: Connect

Patients simply join their telehealth video consultation session from home by clicking on the secure link provided in the email/SMS invitation.

GPs and other clinicians have the option to join the session.