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We connect you to high quality and affordable mental health professionals via secure telehealth across Australia.

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Telehealth services
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ADHD Assessments

Fast, efficient and affordable ADHD Assessments with comprehensive treatment plans.

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General Psychiatry

General psychiatric assessments and reviews for a range of mental health conditions.


Allied Health

From ADHD Coaches to registered Psychologists, we've got your health care needs covered!

Our process

How does it work?

First you'll need a referral - we accept referrals via email, fax (08 5117 3206) or secure messaging ('akkadian').

A simple Online Book & Connect process then offers quick access to our psychiatrists or other mental health professionals.



Once we have your referral, we contact you to book your telehealth appointment online



Simply click on the secure link we send to join your telehealth video session from home


Get Treated!

Your GP will receive your personalised treatment plan within 2 weeks

Please review our FAQ for more detailed information about what to expect.

Why us

Why choose us?

We see you, we hear you... and we're here to help!

At Akkadian Health we believe that high quality and affordable mental healthcare should be equally available to everyone – anywhere and anytime. We've built a team of dedicated mental health clinicians, psychologists and RANZCP-registered psychiatrists in Australia. Speak to your GP to arrange a referral to our services.

Clinical Experience

Our RANZCP-registered psychiatrists in Australia are there for you every step of the way.

Collaborative Care

Work with our clinical team to discuss and action your treatment plans.


We take an innovative, digital-first approach to health care.

Timely Appointments

Access our dedicated health professionals from the comfort of your own home.


Don't just take our word for it

We've now seen over 6000 people just like you right across Australia with life-changing outcomes through accessible and affordable mental health services.

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Akkadian Health deliver fast, convenient, and effective services.



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