For referring GPs

We provide high-quality end-to-end care for your patients.

Referrals to Akkadian Health services offer comprehensive assessment and management plans (psychiatric assessments) and support for Mental Health Treatment Plans under the Better Access initiative (psychology).

Rejected Referrals

There are several reasons why we might reject* a referral...

Incomplete InformationIncorrectly addressed or incomplete referrals will be rejected and patients will not be offered the option to book an appointment until these matters are addressed.
High RiskWe cannot take over care of patients with recent ED admissions or suicidal ideation. 'Private' services are not appropriate for acute mental health conditions as wait times apply.
Unsupported ServiceRequests for services that we do not currently support (e.g. Autism assessments, Eating disorder concerns, full neuropsych reports, ongoing 'treatment' by a psychiatrist).
Resident of WA or NSW Requests for ADHD Assessments from residents of WA or NSW. Due to local state regulations in relation to the subsequent treatment / prescription of medication, we cannot provide adequate follow-up care for patients in WA or NSW diagnosed with ADHD. Please raise any concerns with your local Office of the Chief Psychiatrist or state health department.
Patient AgeOur psychiatrists will only see pateints over the age of 16 years. Our psychologists offer support for patients from the age of 12.
*In some cases, referrals may be updated and re-submitted for approval and processing e.g. where 'incomplete information' is resolved.

Why refer to Akkadian Health?


Telehealth allows us to provide mental health services that are convenient and accessible.


Whilst we are not a bulk-bill clinic, our fees are highly competitive and we endeavour to minimise the out-of-pocket expenses for all patients.


We offer industry best wait-times and quick turn-arounds on assessment reports and management plans.


We accept referrals sent to us directly via:

For ADHD Assessments, we now accept referrals uploaded by patients via our streamlined ADHD Assessment service.

Things You Need to Know Before Referring

Valid Referrals

Referrals must contain sufficient information about the patient's medical history and presenting complaint (including a specific request for an ADHD assessment where that is intended) and must be addressed to 'Akkadian Health' as we cannot accept referrals made out to other clinicians or service providers (this is a Medicare requirement). Incorrectly addressed or incomplete referrals will be rejected and patients will not be offered the option to book an appointment (we will let you and/or the patient know if this is the case). Reasons for referral rejections are listed below.

For Psychology services, a valid referral letter must be accompanied by a Mental Health Treatment/Care Plan to access the Better Access iniative for Medicare rebates.

For ADHD Assessments, allowing patients to upload their own valid referral letter bypasses our referral processing times which can add an additional 1-2 weeks in wait times. It also removes the possibility that a referral is lost in transit!

We do not prescribe medication (unless the patient resides in [metro] SA)

If patients are subsequently diagnosed with ADHD, our comprehensive treatment plan guides you - as the referring GP - to prescribe and manage any recommended medication. It is your responsibility to enact the treatment plan (which includes initiating the recommended medication) and provide the necessary follow-up care. Our clinicians can work closely with you to ensure this happens. Refer to our FAQ : "What if I need medication?" for more information before proceeding.

For patients located in South Australia, Akkadian Health has established the Akkadian Health Care Centre (SA) staffed by expert clinicians who will prescribe, initiate and monitor 'stimulant' medication for the treatment of ADHD under the guidance of Akkadian Health psychiatrists for patients diagnosed by Akkadian Health. The Care Centre operates on Franklin Street in the Adelaide CBD for convenient face-to-face consultations. Please contact the Akkadian Health Care Centre (SA) via email on OR on 1800 290 880 (option #5).

We do not accept referrals from residents of WA or NSW for ADHD Assessments

Every state in Australia has different health department regulations regarding the prescription of Schedule 8 medication used to treat ADHD. WA and NSW currently do not allow referring GPs to initiate medication. If you are referring a patient from WA or NSW and they choose to proceed with an ADHD Assessment from Akkadian Health, please ask the patient to contact us first and be aware that they will need to find a local state-based psychiatrist to initiate medication treatment.

Please review our new FAQ for more detailed information.