John Fouyaxis

Published: Feb 3rd, 2024

Adelaide-based Care Centre: Expert ADHD Treatment

Our 'first' Care Centre manages treatment plans - including prescription of medication for patients diagnosed with ADHD in South Australia.

Care Centre

At Akkadian Health, we’re breaking new ground in ADHD care.

Our first dedicated Care Centre in Adelaide is a game-changer for patients recently diagnosed with ADHD in South Australia by Akkadian Health. We're conveniently co-located in the Uniting Communities 'UCity' building on Franklin Street in the Adelaide CBD.

Commencing ADHD medication can be daunting and we're here to help.

Many of our clients recently diagnosed with ADHD find it difficult to get the support they need from their regular GP. Quite often a referring GP is unable or unwilling to initiate the prescription of ADHD medication or they simply do not have the experience and resources required to closely monitor progress.

While ADHD medications are highly effective, they are 'psychostimulants' that come with risks. Our Adelaide-based Care Centre ensures proper medical clearance procedures are followed, monitors your progress, minimises side effects and maximises benefits.

Here's why you should consider us:

  1. ADHD Expertise:

    • Our team comprises highly trained GPs and Nurse Practitioners following ADHD clinical practice guidelines. With priority access to our treating specialist Psychiatrist, you’re in capable hands from day one.

  2. Focused on ADHD:

    • We’re the first in Australia to offer a service solely dedicated to ADHD treatment and medication management. That's all we do! No distractions—just expert care tailored to your needs at an affordable cost and with minimal wait-times.

  3. Your ADHD Treatment Journey Starts Here:

    • When you step into our Care Centre, you’re taking the first step toward a well-managed ADHD journey. We handle everything—from initial prescriptions to ongoing support and filing the appropriate regulatory authority paperwork to ensure you receive uninterrupted access to your ADHD medication.

  4. Medical Supervision during Titration of ADHD Medication

    • Titration is the gradual adjustment of your ADHD medication dosage to find the optimal dose and response balance. Our experts monitor your response closely, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

    • During titration, having experts by your side is important. We minimise risks, fine-tune dosages, and address any concerns promptly. Your safety is our priority.

Once our team in the Care Centre has established medical clearance, confirmed the correct dosing and received authority to continue prescribing ADHD medication from the state regulatory body, you can be safely discharged back to your referring GP for your ongoing prescription needs.

Choose Akkadian Health. Choose Safety. Choose Excellence.

Your ADHD journey deserves the best. Contact our Adelaide-based Care Centre today via and start your personalised treatment plan.